About Rose

Rose Valor Bradford

has accepted Christ Jesus’ blood and righteousness for the redemption of her soul, by the Father’s good will and good graces that she might not perish in her sinfulness against the Creator God, ‘Our Father’, and is sealed by the Spirit of Grace as the Sword of the Spirit has indicated is necessary for worship in Spirit and in Truth in these physically mortal bodies, spiritually reborn, until Christ’s second return, at which time He will identify and collect His own marked people.

Here, she implores you, through various means, to be reconciled to God, to fight the right fight, to be courageous, and to see by the eyes of the Spirit of faith as we strive — being God’s lavished children — to walk as citizens of heaven, who put away their carnal weapons and desires in this life to take up the cross of Christ from the higher perspective of a forthcoming and beautiful eternal life to be embraced alongside the One our eternal souls ever-desire.

Rose is employed by her Father and advises that you take any complaints or concerns up with Him, though you may find means of reply on the Contact page.

Personal Note

Being weary and wary of those who monetize the truths of God, you will not find bids for donation, book fees, a Patreon subscription fee for reading my stuff, or any such thing. While I agree that a workman is worth his hire, I also think a lot of ministers need to practice what they preach and trust God for their means rather than fleecing the sheep so they can entertain notions of superiority and fatness and an upper-class status quo.

However, if I ever finish a book (and this is a long-running joke in my house), I’ll be happy to sell you a copy.

This work I do as unto the Lord, however imperfectly, and He decides the reward; I am satisfied.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.

— Ecclesiastes 3:11, The Holy Bible [ESV]

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