Lingering in Care

Indifference is a delusion.

That is the first line of Chapter 6 in The Trenches & The Bliss… but I’m calling a ceasefire to the wresting out of this book here. Not because I don’t want to share it with you; indifference is a delusion, remember: I very much do.

Weirdly, in sharing the first five chapters, the entire book, my hopes for it, and these characters have come into clearer focus — in a way that requires I treat them with greater care. Where I held it close prior to sharing due to my own lack of surety, I now find myself wanting to pull it back in close because I realize how powerful and precious it is — could be — I want it to be? Something like that…

This story draft was a great deal of fun to write, though it has been far more fun to re-read lately. Every writer has their own way of doing it. Me, I listen to music when I write; I have to tune out every distraction (children, the list of chores growing in my head, the TV, children [again], my own doubts, “squirrel!”, etc…). So I find a song that captures the mood of the tale or some sentiment therein and wear it out between my ears. Every word written thus far of Trenches & Bliss was written to one singular tune. Would you like to know it? Here’s entrenched moodiness with a touch of speculative bliss:

I keep a small notebook of story ideas and current projects. There are several backlogged and a fresh one waiting to be penned. Having recently finished a short fairytale, I am eager to write the next one; I just need to do it…

So, stopping with Trenches here simply means greater focus there… lingering in care behind the scenes.

Because I am not indifferent to this pen nor the effects of it; I want to steward it well.

My heart is stirred by a noble theme

as I recite my verses for the king;

my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer…

Psalm 45:1

(Whoa. Talk about a fairytale… Read the rest of that chapter! I didn’t know there was a ‘wedding song’ in Psalms. Learn something new every day…!)

I’ll meet you here in devotion and orientation. Don’t be too disappointed. The fictional absence here means something better, fleshed out, and complete later… I love juggling words, dreams and ideas, but when an idea takes on the tender skin of flesh and blood in a completed work… well… there are no words then. Just the backbeat of a song floating from the page.

But what am I doing? Here juggling again… Time to go — pray! And write. =)

Shalom, Beloved One…

Hey, here’s the song I wrote the fairytale inside of (some of you know about or have read). Yep, one song. I’m a one song at a time kind of girl… Enjoy.

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