Great Courage.

“We will need great courage because we will be required to take risks when we step out in faith into what we’ve seen and heard from the Lord. We will never take that step if our hope rests on experiencing another great event, like waiting for the next wave of revival to sweep in or a prophet to call us out and give us a word.

We must take personal responsibility to strengthen every weak place and break our agreement with fear. We must become the ongoing manifestation of revival and stop waiting for outside circumstances to line up with our dreams. We do this by giving thanks and rejoicing, praying as He prays, meditating on promises and testimonies, and associating with people of faith — not just when others around us are doing so, but continuously, as a lifestyle…

We are fully equipped for victory, not because we have a formula that always works, but because God is with us and within us.”

Bill Johnson, Strengthen Yourself In The Lord, pg 162-163

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