Taking Stock (Literally)

Every few years I get curious about the origins of things in my home. I’ve taken stock and made a list at least twice before, but it’s been a few years.

The global Silk Road is no joke. How quickly our standards of living, necessities and luxuries, can disappear into thin air is also no laughing matter. What is it that Q personality says? — Where We Go 1 We Go All? Ah (the tower of Babel camaraderie is touching, isn’t it…). Well, in terms of global economy, that’s at least partly true.

As always, there were a few surprises on the list for me, though many are not surprising at all. So, without further ado, the list (in no particular order):

GF Noodles ______ Italy

Spoon Rest ______ China

Freeze Dried Coffee ______ Germany

Thermometer ______ Mexico

Brand Name Shirt ______ Cambodia

Mugs & Tumblers ______ China

Stainless Steel Pot ______ USA

Tea ______ India

Book print ______ China

Laminator ______ China

Toys ______ China

Hair Straightener ______ China

Fancy Hand Soap ______ USA

Brand Name Gloves ______ Vietnam

Notebook Print ______ Korea

Throw Pillow ______ India

Bible Print #1 (newer copy) ______ China

Bible Print #2 (newer copy) ______ China

Bible Print #3 (older copy) ______ Belgium

Bible Print #4 (older copy) ______ USA

Bible Print #5 (older copy) ______ USA

Matches ______ Chile

Boot Leather Conditioner ______ USA

Fancy Lotion ______ USA

Bird Feeder ______ China

Hemp Milk Bag ______ Thailand

Bird Cage Cleaner ______ USA

Jean Jacket ______ India

Hair Ties ______ Bangladesh

Hair Dryer ______ PRC (China)

Phone ______ China

Salt ______ Spain

Colored Pencils ______ Mexico

That concludes my random list.

It’s also interesting to note how some of these things change hands. In my prior lists, I can recall quite a few more products from Thailand and Vietnam. While I no longer have those handwritten lists to compare, it might be fun to do this again in a few years and do just that.

Also, I found it of interest that all of my newer copy Bibles were printed in China, while my older copies came from elsewhere. I do not know if this is a shift that has happened across the board or just within the set I happen to own, but it might be worth investigating… Let me know if you find the same!

I put this in the category of Something To Be Aware Of; it won’t keep me up tonight. I know some of us are already keenly aware of these wide roads and vulnerabilities (as well as the luxury of it historically), but many, and especially the younger, may not be…

Remember, the one and “different” government that will “devour the whole earth” (Daniel 7) of the end days will be one day, as scripture has foretold. Here, I just like to document the signs of the times, the bread of crumbs, leading to that point…

In many ways, just like the Pharisees with Jesus (Luke 12:56), no one will have an excuse for not forecasting the future weather… all manner of denials and delusions, but no excuse.

Gather all the more.

With love –

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