News Real Reel

He who answers before he hears [the facts]— It is folly and shame to him.

Proverbs 18:13

Most news should be rebranded as social commentary rather than news.

I used to watch the news when it was more news than commentary. I still recognize it on occasion: I try to listen, my mind wanders, and I begin to tune out the monotonous script – that’s how I recognize it.

Another earthquake today in Timbuktu…

Flooding saturated roadways along the coast today…

The Prime Minister was hospitalized today for…

Oil prices are at an all-time high due to rising inflation…

The late 80s called to remind you that AIDS will be the death of you…

And the 90s want you to know that California will fall into the sea at any moment now…

Yes, those were the good old days… and you were about to tune out, right? (Remember when the news was ‘boring’? – Or at least relegated to once a day!)

The days before 24 hour news cycles and hysterical anchors reporting the end of all we know and love, of all that is decent and right in the world, within – quite possibly – the next 24 hours. Sure, there was still CIA-initiated propaganda in the mix, but back then it was easier to tune out. Now, some raving personality gives us the news covered, smothered, and smattered beneath a great deal of ranting, spinning, a foaming at the mouth.

“Fake News!”

That’s not fake news!

Hey, those numbers are real!

Hey, those people are real too!

Hey, that earthquake really happened!

Well, since these are rebuttals I’ve actually seen typed out, let’s parse out a Spin-For-Dummies commentary on the news real reel commentary…

I’m tired tonight; I’ll be brief.


(No offense intended. Just spinning off the name of those popular books…)

OBJECTIVE NEWS: There was an earthquake in California today. Fifteen people lost their lives and dozens more were injured…

SPIN #1: There was an earthquake in California today… Experts believe that these kinds of events will increase due to climate change and it’s all Trump’s fault.

SPIN #2: There was an earthquake in California today… while Biden was at Martha’s Vineyard playing golf and has no plans to visit the site.

Of course, the earthquake may indeed be influenced by climate change, as the climate runs in cycles like my washer and they’re not all the same; however, the obvious spin here is to strike the chord of climate change fears AND blame the unfavorable politician.

Likewise, Biden may have been playing golf and may not have any need to visit the earthquake site; nonetheless, the obvious spin here is to imply that he just doesn’t care –

Playing golf while an earthquake he didn’t know would happen was happening? How dare he… (??)

It’s not that “Fake News” is all fake news; it’s just that it’s all misrepresented and skewed by personalities, opinions, and scripts now. (Maybe it always was…)

And once you see it, you can’t unsee it. That’s just life.

I find it increasingly difficult to watch any news station. One’s almost as bad as another, though CNN – God banish them – is by far the biggest Joker in the lot, and I don’t think a rebranding can save it though I hear they’re trying.

Co-to-the-vid was real. The tyrannical screams about what should (and shouldn’t?) be permitted as a remedy, however, were entirely sus and gus.

(Suspect and bogus. Come on, Gen Z. Counting on you to hang with me…)

What kind of governing body of the people distorts and shuts down an effective remedy for the people anyway? (Personally, I know dozens of people now who opted for Ivermectin and none of them ended up in the hospital. In fact, they got over the Co-to-the-vid faster than I did! Ick.) And then hypes up a totally sketch and risky experimental med? Not a trustworthy governing bodythat much is certain.

Also, the numbers weren’t real. Even the fakestream media reported that guys… come on now.

But grandma died…

Yes, and she might have died from the flu too… or a bad fall… or any number of other incidents that commonly occur in this world.

I am not calloused, and I hope you won’t read it that way. I’m just wondering when enough is enough for some people… on both sides.

Spin Happens

Pay attention and don’t give an opinion until you have a reasonable amount of facts. Well, at least admit it’s an opinion (which, let’s be real, isn’t worth much these days).

Facts are not the things the media tells you any more. You will have to look those up and verify information yourself these days… and, even then, best of luck to you. Oh, yeah, and you’ll have to cut through a lot of thickly sliced bologna even when facts are presented.

But we’re not dummies. God gave us brains, His Spirit (if we’re in Christ), and His Word. We don’t have to know every detail of every scheme or what will happen next to know how it all began and ends – and WHO begins and ends it.

So, when you want the real real news, tune into the Alpha and Omega..

The yipping dogs, rabid cats, and vultures will still be there when you need to know the current talking points of the latest social spin artists.

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