The Original Misinformation Campaign

The original misinformation campaign began with God’s words (Truth) to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden…

Then, the devil said: ‘Ain’t so’ and the like (Lies)…

Admittedly, Eve found that the devil’s words aligned with her inner-desires, so she took the serpent’s soundbite and ran with it (Spread)…

To Adam — wherever he’d been excusing himself with his own special blend of fermenting ‘I was going to do that’ vibrations, in tune with his wife (Apathy).

Then, the Truth showed up all decked out with light, betraying the shadows…

And Adam said it was her fault (Blame)…

And Eve said it was his fault (Blame)…

And the devil didn’t say much because he knew he’d started it, mostly (Proof of lie: The serpent is not like God)…

And then, God spoke again and cursed all three participants for their part — because they each played a part (lest any doctrine of Adam-splaining befall ye: ye have heard).

Well, you know the story, don’t you? But do you know what’s great about this story? Do you know what gives this story teeth?

God had the first and the last word. He spoke the truth at the beginning; He spoke the truth at the end; and all parties were taken to task, each for their own folly.

What great about that?

That it encapsulates the whole story of history — past, present, and future. That’s what.

God gets the last word.

(Of course, that’s also terrifying, which is why Jesus is Good News! But that’s a different post.)

Today’s Soundscape

Nothing has changed. What began back in the Garden of Eden with one God, one serpent, one man, and one woman, has morphed into a million Medusa’s on a million platforms tweeting out their ‘Ain’t so’ and the likes to a million ears.

We’ve all been baited into folly at some point, and with the ease of dissemination we see today, we’re as likely (if not more likely) to be wrong than right about any number of things…

While I find blatant misinformation hard to accept from the Justices of the Supreme Court (sound bytes available to prove it) this week, the truth is, we’ve all been there — taking an irresistibly delicious sound byte, blacking out with excitement, seeing red in bloody retribution or rightness, and running with it to share…

Moments before we run to hide.

(I’m not saying that makes it all okay, of course – this misinforming blindness. I’m just noting it’s not actually new…)

What’s the point?

Only the reminder that Truth will return to His garden one day…

When He comes calling, will He find us petting favored soundbites, decked out in fig leaves, or tending what He placed in our collective and individual domains?

He gets the last word, friend… so it’s His words we do best to guard in our hearts.

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