How The Grinch Learned God’s Will

Every Who up in Your Town liked God’s will a lot.

But the Grinch who lived south of Your Town did not!

It could be, perhaps, that he thunk he missed God’s will for his life.

It could be, perhaps, that he knew he couldn’t please God just right.

But I think, perhaps, the biggest reason of all,

May have been that the Grinch thought God’s will was too small.

“They say that it’s perfect,” he pouted, pouring cider.

“If it’s perfect, I’m a blunder,” he said none-the-lighter.

Drawing by Eastley

“Tonight at the church they’ll light candles and sing,

But even if I joined them, I’d be a miserable thing.”

Yes, for forty-three years he had tried, tried, tried,

But he’d messed up his life – on the very first try!

He once had the idea that God called him ‘special’;

That was back before the world made him so small.

So, the Grinch he moved south and called everyone a liar.

All God had done for him was save his soul from the fire?

Drawing by Eastley

He did thunk he’d messed up God’s will for his life.

He thunk it and thunk it, until late in the night –

One night he rethunk it and said, “It’s not right;

It’s not right to go down without more of a fight!”

So, the Grinch stuffed all his reasons down into his stockings,

Then he hung upside-down to shake out all his be-longings.

Drawing by Eastley

“I’ll shake out my reasons, the things I’ve been told;

Then I’ll ask God the truth – Yes, I will be so bold!”

He shook and he shook and he shook them all out.

Then frowning he said, “What have I been so upset about?”

“Jesus is the ‘Special’, the one Who who gets glory;

His will is that I love Him and thank Him – Can that be the right story?”

He looked at the cover and checked over the Book:

Yes, the story seemed clear, after another look.

Drawing by Wren

What was every Who called to? –

Well, faith, hope, and love!

What was the will of God for him? –

To put his faith high above –

Above all of his reasons, his stuffings, their lies;

Above all of his messes, his cries and his tries.

Above what people said he should do with his life;

Yes, above his own lost dreams – the cause of his strife.

The Grinch’s smile grew larger: Could this be the truth?

Why, this burden was lighter – far lighter than Babe Ruth!

“This is a truth,” sang the Grinch, “that all Who’s must hear!

I will start in Your Town; I will start with Who’s near!”

“It comes without pretense! Without money! Without fame!

It comes without book smarts, or street smarts, or shame!”

“It comes to the near ones and it comes to the far!

It comes by God’s mercy, like the Bethlehem star!”

“It comes to the hungry, the willing, the bold…

And,” he said softly, “It even comes to the old.”

Yes, he told all the Who’s in Your Town, who say,

All appeared brighter on that Christmas day.

God’s will, the Grinch thought, doesn’t envy the world’s stores;

God’s will, perhaps, means something greater and more…

Drawing by Wren


*Inspired by How The Grinch Stole Christmas, by Dr. Suess

How the Grinch Learned God’s Will, written by Ambassador Rose

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