Countless souls jeopardized by a global training exercise…

Imagine, if you will, a training exercise. An epic, global training exercise. An exercise well-planned by experts who have concocted an infectious disease scenario to usher in a ‘global reset’ — that is, a resetting of economic, governmental, and national orders.

But, imagine, if you will, that this is only a drill…

What latent effects can we expect? What probable outcome will this have on the global populous? Will all do as they are told? And, if not, what then?

These are reasonable questions any expert might want to answer so that they feel better prepared when the real thing, the real disease of devastation, is unleashed.

At first, people are confused: A pandemic, you say? Can it really be?

I don’t know anyone who is sick, evolves into knowing a few people, twice-removed, who are sick, and quickly descends into everyone knowing someone. So, it must be so — it must be as they say — the blind participants mutter to themselves and others…

This is a training exercise, after all, but it is performed as a blind study: The global population doesn’t know if they’re getting a truth pill or a placebo. They are forced to rely, then, upon feelings, experience, or hearsay.

Should they or shouldn’t they wear a mask? Does the mask actually help? Is there proof? Why does the narrative change and evolve as quickly as the stated infectious disease?

The people question, but each goes his own way: Some believe, some don’t, and others still live in the realm of confusion hoping things will return to normal soon.

Then comes the next phase.

Lockdown, lock-in, and lock-out. Stay home. Only go out if you must. Churches close, restaurants close, hair-stylists get arrested for not closing, and a great exodus begins working from home, moving to rural areas, and finding alternative social options.

Those who believe chastise those who don’t; those who don’t believe draw lines in the sand, as those still confused try to referee the tensions. For a while, this works.

But tension grows. The experts take note…

More force is required to complete the exercise and get a true picture of the situation on the ground — where the experts do not live. Those who have accepted the narrative are rewarded as gold star pupils, but this is in name only: The same rules still apply to believers and unbelievers. There is no escaping the careful confines of their study; they’ve spent too long planning this exercise for it to fail to achieve the objectives of their experiment.

A new remedy is introduced as the savior-on-the-scene. The experts hold up their hollow obelisk and suggest that the participants hurry to drink as quickly as possible, for their own good. Those who believe have long-awaited the day: Finally! Peace, they say…

But the unbelievers hold back. It’s definitely full of poison, they speculate. It’s all too neat; it’s all too chaotic; it’s all too much like a… like a…

But they can’t decide or agree upon what it’s like. The pool of the confused grows larger, along with the outcry to resist the experts’ guidance. After all, their suggestion leads to a trap door and, through that, another maze: A maze with harsher confines. A narrow, one-sided, one-dimensional maze that simply says, Drink the cure, get on with the study, or get out of our world.

Of course, they fail to mention that this is the study: To see who will complete the series of steps in their maze and who fails to comply. It’s crucial that they know who they can depend upon in the future; it’s crucial that they know just how many mice will need to be removed from their future exercises — unacceptable, unfit, unbelieving. Reset is the end goal; disease (soon-to-be climate), the means.

Countless souls, however, are placed in jeopardy by their nefarious training exercises. Did they know it would go this way? Or was this a latent effect? Or was this for the sake of Jesus’ prophecy in Matthew 24 being fulfilled?

A sword is placed upon the populous’ necks, threatening to separate husband from wife, son from father, friend from friend — and who could have foreseen it? A long-time friend is now offended: You think I would drink poison? they ask of their friend. You’ve lost your mind, father says to son: How could you think that I would do such a thing?

This isn’t poison, says one.

This is poison, says another.

The watching remain quiet, thinking: Is this poison?

Meanwhile, the training exercise goes on… because without offense, confusion, and division, the experts could never conduct the real test of souls. So, the experiment goes on, one right angle after another, all leading where?

What happened to peace? — Didn’t we drink of the hollow obelisk? — Can’t we do as we please now? The gold star students wonder.

But the experts reassure the populous that this is not so. Not only must things go on as they have been, but the confines must become more narrow: We must strain the mice through this magical keyhole, they say. The keyhole is constructed of red tape, thick red tape. It reads: Drink or die a social death.

Well, that seems necessary, the already offended, dedicated, and weary decide.

I told you so, the unbelieving cry.

This whole experiment is a placebo, an empty Trojan horse; things will get back to normal, the confused self-soothe.

What now?

Spiritual Effects

Perhaps, you recognize the training exercise scenario. Perhaps, you’ve seen it somewhere before…

I have suspended judgement on the hollow obelisk for now. Oh, I agree that there is something very not right with this training exercise we are presently in; nonetheless, I watch and wait… because, for now, I believe this is our training exercise, the trial-run, so to speak…

But I am not encouraged by what I see.

At this point, I feel I know few Christians who wouldn’t at least agree that present circumstances appear to be setting up for future events. Some say more, some say less, but this seems to be the general feeling I encounter.

That being the case, the Church is in a world of hurt. Already there are family members being divided over whether this is the training exercise or the last days event we’ve been trained to scout for from our youth. Those who are convinced of the latter are now facing the heated offense and rejection of family members who claim to be Christian but are accused now of falling for the great deception. They deny that they could be fooled by such a poison.

What I mean to say is that the future greater persecution may, and is likely to, come from those we once walked to the house of God with, after the falling out and falling away… and I know from experience what a tremendous rattling of heart and mind that can be.

For it is not an enemy who insults me;

That I could endure.

It is not a foe who rises against me;

From him I could hide.

But it is you, a man like myself,

my companion and close friend.

We shared sweet fellowship together;

We walked with the crowd into the house of God.

Psalm 55:12-14

This is no small thing, Church. It is no small offense. It is no small division. And, while it may be only hearsay now, as the days trail on, will these things too continue to unfold and increase — from hearsay to a family member near you?

The point of this piece is not to state whether we are living in a training exercise at the present moment. As stated, I cannot in good conscience make a definite call on that yet. The point, my dear brothers and sisters, is to point out the jeopardy of souls at play, the great offense that is sweeping through hearts and minds, the divisions of lost empathy, love, and relationship.

That mark that defines the end of worldly pursuits is only the beginning of a spiritual civil war — of wheat and tares suddenly revealed, alarmed, and bewildered.

There will be no escaping it. Lines will be drawn.

And if this is only the training exercise, beloved, how hard will be those days….

Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in rebellion: Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Pray for the endurance, faith, and patience of the saints.

Nonetheless, let us give thanks that the book of Revelation also reveals a great innumerable host worshiping around God’s throne, who have endured tribulation! That is a very hopeful scene, indeed.

Then one of the elders asked me, “These in white robes – who are they, and where did they come from?”

I answered, “Sir, you know.”

And he said, “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”

Revelation 7:13-14


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