One laughs, while the other screams praise;

Circling overhead, their motives are the same.

Amanda Jump, 2005

Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.

Matthew 24:28

There’s been an uptick in carcasses and vultures lately. Has anyone else noticed?

There once was a man on YouTube, who strongly cautioned saints, diagramed Biblical doctrine, and held a genuine concern for others in his eye and tone. I keep clicking on his videos, but I can’t find that man. Quite predictably, or shockingly (depending on your view of the world), his channel has fallen more and more in line with popular Christian entertainment: satire to the high heavens and haughty heresy roasts. I see a carcass; I see the vultures; but I cannot find that man that once was there…

At the other end of the Christian spectrum, there was once another man on YouTube, who documented dreams and visions and growing concerns regarding an imploding culture. I followed for a time because his passion was endearing, his concerns warranted, but this man too has gone missing. In his place, another self-starter pastor lighting his own fires, body-snatching, has formed. He has grown beyond confident now; he is self-assured — his visions now valued as gold in his own eyes. And I see the carcass, and I see the vultures, but my eyes turn away…

I think of the carcasses I could dress up and sell, of which I have no shortage; but then I think of the ways of the Master and remember that no number of vultures clamoring after me is worth blanching and selling my soul.

I am no one, but I have one increasing concern for the saints in these times…

Both of these men are pre-tribbers, and, for whatever reason, this tends to lend itself to some strange sort of wicked arrogance they try to pass off as ‘faith’; and, I can’t help but wonder, what if they’re wrong? — What will they do if they are wrong? What deceptions are they opening themselves up to?

Well, pride comes before a fall, I’ve heard — and certainly felt in my own life. Whether pre-trib or post-trib or whatever doctrine one holds about the end times, I think the contestable nature of these doctrines alone should be reason enough to hold a loose grip on end times theory and a much tighter grip on the Unchanging Father’s hand.

The ‘I won’t worry about it because I won’t be here’ mindset is poison, if not deception itself.

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