Tidal, Waves of Nations

There are many similarities pictured in national myths, legends, and books. Often, in secular circles the argument is made that all religions are the same because how could they not be? — They all employ the same basic stories, the same basic problems, the same basic need for a savior, in one form or another. The deeper we dive, the more we begin to see humanity’s basic desires and needs have not changed.

As a young adult, some of the similarities in histories and myths are striking, when not disturbing. Popular teachings will tell you that the Hebrew myth was also derived from the myths that supposedly came before it; again, they seek to level the playing field, to tell us it is all the same — stories recycled, up-cycled, and reborn.

Greek mythology fights the snake, Typhon, as Hittite mythology defeats the snake/dragon Illuyanka, as the Scots have their Loch Ness monster and the Irish have Beithir, and Jews and Christians have their wretched snake, Satan, in the garden of Eden.

What is it with us and snakes and dragons, eh?

Nevertheless, and having read many of these stories, there remains an intangible quality to the Biblical account of creation and the fall of mankind that no other myth aptly accounts for in any intelligible way — fantastical, abstract, and creative as they may be. While some find the Biblical account a hard stretch of faith, when posed against the historical and scientific communities of the day and their word (against the Bible) concerning timelines, I have found no other word capable of answering life’s toughest questions… though a few have been good for a laugh.

For example, this dilemma of stories and snakes…

Science has freely admitted in the past that we all came from one set of DNA — that is, one set of parents. (Hola, brother! Cheers, sister!) Think about it this way. If we all came from one set of parents, if our origins truly begin in the same place, and if the Biblical account is true, then doesn’t it make logical sense that the original, true story would get distorted (intentionally or unintentionally) over time as people spread out around the globe, lost touch with their nearest relatives, and began infighting?

I mean really. Let’s talk about the simple differences between Mormonism, for example, and Christianity. Heralded as kissing cousins, when not propagated as being the same thing, they both hold a lot of similar truths, similar versions of the same stories, but differ on just enough to draw lines of heresy in the sand. And Mormonism has only been around since 1830! — That’s not a long time on the world stage, friend; but it was long enough to distort the picture.

Think about those who lived after the flood, in the days of the Tower of Babel, who thought they could beat God at his own game. Even if they knew the truth about Adam and Eve (or had heard it anyway), even if they knew of the Nephilim (Giants are popular in mythology too…), and even if they were free-born post-flood and God’s judgement against the whole world at the time, do you think these people who clearly hated the God of Noah would put down THE truth for their children and their children’s children or make up their own stories and legends and myths to appease themselves?

Well, I’ve lived long enough to see what arrogance can do to a man or woman and the desperate lengths to which they’ll descend to save face. Haven’t you?

Perhaps, the stories are so similar because the original story is the same story, the truth, told or untold, shrouded in fantasy or set out in plain text. Perhaps, Moses, who is generally accredited with writing the book of Genesis, saw the myths circulating in his day and thought, Someone better write down what really happened before the original story is completely lost. I mean, that is how a lot of truths get written down, after all — as a rebuttal and correction in the face of known lies.

It would only take a handful of people with such an intent (against God, against the truth of mankind’s history) to corrupt an entire nation’s destiny. It’s not hard. It happens all the time… It’s happening in our nation today.

Completely Random

Did you know that there’s a king named “Tidal king of nations” in Genesis 14? There is some dispute as to who exactly he was, aside from the general term goyim (Gentile), but what a title.

I’ve been reading the Bible since I was 9, and I still sometimes come across something I don’t remember from prior readings. If you think you know the Bible because you memorized John 3:16 in Sunday school, you better go start at Genesis and try again.

Because Tidal is still the king of nations and he keeps making waves.

National Forecast: Waves and Wind, Coming Soon To You

Speaking of nations, let’s talk about America.

Today’s forecast is partly cloudy with strong thunderstorms on the horizon…

There has been a lot of talk of the end of time, the last days, going around again, and it is warranted. Nonetheless, even with the alarms we hear ringing, we must remember that the persecuted, the poor, the uprooted, the betrayed, the imprisoned, the impoverished, the abused, the starving, and the dislocated have been among us always on the earth:

Just because hard times may be coming for the church in America, does not signal the absolute end of days… though, as always, it may.

Many Christians living in hostile nations today must live as if any day could be their last day, their end of days, so to speak. And, I believe, the American church will too suffer this same fate, sooner or later.

Two dreams have disturbed me of late concerning the church. In both dreams the church, that is the people, were forced outside of the church building.

In one dream, we were forced out into flood lands surrounding the building, onto small boats, rafts, even inside of a bus — whatever we could find to keep from drowning.

In the other dream, after an alarm was sounded by an elder in the church, we fled the building into drenching, cold rain. The sound of the alarm was deafening — I thought my ears were bleeding — and disorienting. There was much confusion about where to go and what to do from there.

In both dreams, we knew we had to exit the building, but no one seemed to know what to do after that. We were adrift, literally, waiting out the —

Social storm?



[There was more to one of the dreams, and a third dream came to my mother. If you want to know the details of the dreams, I am happy to reply by email, though I feel it’s best not to get into that here.]

In the future, dear saints and pastors, buildings, campuses, these external places that we gather will be meaningless, useless to us, if not destroyed. (Canadian churches are already burning, and though one may say that is circumstantial based on recent news, one cannot deny that once that bell is rung, once the sacred places are no longer sacred to society, it is a short leap to copycat activities and mass purges.) And that train has been very visibly chugging down the track for a decade now; it should surprise no one.

I do not think we will continue to sit rather comfortably in our churches until we are conveniently raptured before hardship begins. Well, that’s a long shot at best and not a chance I’d be betting on as an American Christian today. But then, it’s not a doctrine I hold to either; it seems rather skimpy.

In any case, this is just a watchman’s word: If things continue in the present direction, we will learn what it means to be an underground church. Where some weathered the last storm by standing by their buildings and meetings, I would caution you not to think that will always be the best course of action. If every true shepherd in China tried that, who would be there to lead them, pray with them, and encourage the saints in secret?

My warning and advice is this: Don’t perish with your building, pastor. Feed your sheep.

There is a time and place for all things, saints. (Ecclesiastes. Read it.)

But, hey, go enjoy some sunshine, ride your bike, go for a hike, play with your kids. Before you’re done, you’ll feel ‘right as rain’ and forget most of what I just said…

Because, as in Noah’s day, some things can’t be dealt with until they’re dealt out…

No, wait…

There is something you can do now:

As it is said, “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.”

Hebrews 3:15

Seek the LORD while He may be found; 

call on Him while He is near.

Let the wicked man forsake his own way 

and the unrighteous man his own thoughts; 

let him return to the LORD, 

that He may have compassion, 

and to our God, 

for He will freely pardon.

— Isaiah 55:6-7

And then…

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:34

Housekeeping Note:

For those subscribed, I apologize for a flurry of posts recently. Some things can’t be scheduled; some things cannot be held back… I am considering how to schedule posts, if possible, but like to let things fall where they may. Forgive me for feast or famine modes. Thanks for eating bread with me.

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